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  1. Detailing Cart Combo

    Universal Detailing Cart + Universal Pad Washer + 16oz Pad Renewing Solution Combo


    For a limited time -- Save $45 when you purchase the latest Grit Guard Detailing System!

    *Note: Polisher & Pads Not Included. Learn More
  2. The Universal Detailing Cart - Customized to hold your Universal Pad Washer or any 3.5 or 5 gallon bucket at waist height.

    Grit Guard Universal Detailing Cart


    Universal Detailing Cart is specially designed to lift the Universal Pad Washer up to working height while providing an organized detailing workstation for all of your most commonly used products.

    Overall Dimensions:
    24" Wide x 18" Long x 40" High

    This item is the cart only (other products shown for demonstration). Learn More
  3. Universal Pad Washer + 16oz PRS Combo

    The Universal Pad Washer With 16 oz PRS


    Universal Pad Washer + 16oz Bottle of Pad Renewing Solution.  
    Enough solution to clean 150+ Pads!  If you're serious about polishing and keeping your pads clean, don't run out of our Pad Renewing Solution. 

    Learn More
  4. 16 oz bottle of Pad Renewing Solution

    Pad Renewing Solution - 16oz


    • For use with the Universal Pad Washer
    • Just one 16 oz bottle cleans over 150 Pads!
    • Spray 2-3 times directly on the pad for maximum effectiveness
    • Concentrated formula quickly breaks down compounds so they can be extracted with the Universal Pad Washer
    Learn More
  5. The Universal Pad Washer

    The Universal Pad Washer


    • Quit throwing your pads away!
    • Condition, clean and dry, any type of pad, on any buffer or polisher, all with one system.
    • Will not tear up or damage pads, even the most delicate cross-cut foam.
    • Gamma SealĀ® Lid provides water-tight portability to any jobsite.
    • Also doubles as a Grit Guard Washing System
    • See More videos at:

    See more videos at
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