Grit Guard Car Care 101

Grit Guard Washing Systems

Car Care 101 - Valuable Tips of How-To Wash Your Vehicle.

Washing your vehicle, while seemingly a simple task, can be tricky. It's basically a balancing act between cleaning contaminants from the vehicle, and scratching the finish. The Grit Guard Insert is the proven solution for this problem. The Grit Guard Insert has no flat surfaces for dirt or grit to collect on, keeping dirt and grit at the bottom of your bucket. Once dirt and grit fall into the bottom, the water is broken into four quadrants, where the water stays calm, keeping the dirt at the bottom. The Grit Guard insert also acts as an agitator for your wash mitt or brush, releasing the dirt, grime and contaminants and providing a scratch-fee cleaning of your vehicles finish.

Step 1 - The Sun

It's usually not a good idea to wash a car in direct sunlight. the sun will dry the vehicle too fast, and you won't be able to properly rinse and dry the vehicle, resulting in lots of water and soap spots.

Step 2 - Your Tools

Avoid washing with sponges. Sponges trap dirt in their pores, making your "cleaning tool" a scratching tool. Desirable washing tools are lambs wool mitts with a large nap (length of fibers), microfiber mitts, bores hair brushes, and nylon brushes - depending on the type of wheel.

Step 3 - Where to Start

Wheels are generally the dirtiest part of the vehicle, and often the messiest part to clean. Often times when cleaning wheels and tires, contaminants will splatter from the brush or hose spray onto the vehicles paint, which is why wheels and tires should be cleaned first to prevent brake dust and wheel cleaner contamination. The Grit Guard 3.5 Gallon Washing System makes a great wheel and tire bucket. It's compact and easy to carry to each corner of the vehicle.

Step 4 - Work Your Way Down

The top, or roof, of your vehicle is usually the least dirty area of your vehicle, and is a great place to start. Remember to frequently (every 10-15 seconds) take your mitt or brush back to the rinse bucket, rub it on the Grit Guard Insert to release any dirt, grit or grime from the mitt or brush. Next, dip it in the wash bucket, and for extra protection, agitate your mitt or brush on the Grit Guard Insert in the wash bucket as well.